An inspirational, authentic local musician and producer, entrepreneur, Khuli Chana has built himself into a global star on his own terms, the right way, through ambition, determination and grit.

Since 1941, the Jeep® brand has been a symbol of freedom and expression. Influenced by a love of the great outdoors. Jeep® Apparel offers quality and is proud to collaborate with Khuli Chana in his latest music video. His life and persona is the perfect fit with the Jeep brand in and out of the city. His 'never give up' outlook epitomises the GRIT attitude that we stand for making the connection seamless.


Growing up in Mafikeng, MAF-town. A lot of great musicians and athletes came out of here. You had to be good at something, you had to be talented.  The pressure to succeed was high. Setting a new music style wouldn't be easy.


No one was signing a Motswako-artist. The courage, bravery, backbone and strength of character to persevere even when major record studios were rejecting you. We LOVE Khuli Chana for rolling up his sleeves, crashing on friend's couches, living in the studio, having the GRIT to succeed in the music industry independently. Culminating in winning the Best Album of the Year at the SAMAs in 2013, a first for a Hip Hop Album. 


Show your GRIT in Jeep Apparel with the selection made by Khuli Chana himself. Available in store nationwide.


His new single “BASADI” (ft. Cassper Nyovest) is rising on the local charts and the demand for a music video is increasing. A feel-great summer collaboration with lots of layers. It celebrates the hustle of all things summer. Check out the Jeep product Khuli selected for this video in stores!

Grit is an attitude, a sense of fearless confidence to pave your own way. Grit is not perfect. Grit is raw and rugged. Grit is not grimy or dirty. Grit goes through, not around. Grit is not afraid of getting its hands dirty.
Grit gets down to business.
Grit rolls up its sleeves.
Grit does what needs to be done.

How does your GRIT show up?

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